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Liste des danses enseignées

                            Débutant                                                        Novice                       
Green Earth  Flip Flop and Fly
Operator Operator All To Myself
I Close My Eyes Bud Like Blue
Keep It Simple Corazon de Metal
When You Smile Raining glitter
Senorita EZ On the loose
                      Calma y lento                Good vibes
                  Country bump           Day of the dead
                    Ghost town              Eyes on you
              Special Delivery          Yes m’am no m’am
              These old boots               All shook up
               Graffiti baby               Veneno
                Last Christmas               Sweet hurt
                 The ants dance          Reason to stay
               Little country race                 Little help
               Let’s go to Louisiana              Gone West
            Dance monkey               Cooley’s reel
          Bedroom Boogie                   Playboys
              Bit of irish  
       Bonaparte’s retreat  
         Nothing but you  

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