Liste des danses enseignées 

          Novice +            Intermédiaire
 Reality  Dancing around it
 Goodbye to California  Bring the house down
 Do a little life  Life of the party
 Humble and king  Second hand heart
 So just dance dance dance Hell yeah 
Spring breakdown  Ain’t misbehavin’ 
High cotton  Corazon diamante
Bring on the good times  Humble and kind 
Untamed  Dear friend 
 Adrenalize  Gypsy Queen
Promised  Fiona
 One more chance Tell it to my heart 
Gypsy queen   J’adore
J’adore   The violin
 Sofia  OoPs baby
 Celtic kittens Italiano 
 Throwback  Flatliner
Chasing down a good time  Oregon 
Big city summertime  The bite 
Lost on you                    Human after all
 Making history                 The shape of you
Old and grey 
Bush party 
                 2 lane highway
              Friday at the dance
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