Liste des danses enseignées      


Novice +  Intermédiaire 
 Wonder  The shape of you
 2 Lane highway  The bite
 Reasons for my tears  Italiano
 Lonely drum  Despacito
 Oups baby  Another crazy year
 Roots  Subeme la radio
 Missing  Dig your heels
 Forget me not  Sunday cha cha
 Teach me to fly  Ouzo & black
 Summer sway  Southern thing
 Dancin’ the dust  The island
 California  All katchi all night long
 3 day road  No roots
 www.West  Hearts on fire
 Jig it up  Castle on the hill
 Woman trouble  Woman amen
 Insecure  Wandering hearts
 See ya Cecilia  The ghost of you
 People are good  Diane
I got this too  Vaiven
  All the kings horses
  Where we’ve been


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