Liste des danses enseignées         

Débutant                           Novice                                
 Country as can be   Bullfrog on a log
 Bullfrog on a log Ticket to the blue
Shackles  Best whishes 
Vai dançar  Mojo rythme 
 Bill’s basic Tag on 
 Little rebel Lay low 
 Big girls boogie All you need 
Until the drawn  Hangover tonight 
The galway gathering   Islands in the stream
You can do better than that  Break away
 Twist and shake Piano man
Piano man  Loockout
Text me Texas  The bomp 
 Blue jean baby  The cool cats
Hoot and howl  Heart of an angel 
 Easy east coast  Big blue tree
 Little southern girl  Celtic na la
 Celtic na la City of New Orleans
 The cool cats Tell the world 
Rain Teddy bear’s picnic 
 All in my head Make me wanna 
 Uptown funk AB Stitches 
Come dance with me Wacky road 
Low key  Homegrown honky tonk
 Crash and burn  
Go strait
 Rumba stroll


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