Liste des danses enseignées         

Débutant                     Novice                       
 Little southern girl Gypsy queen
 Happy happy happy Jumping in the morning 
 Lay around Goodbye for now 
 3 2 1 3 2 1 
 Coal miner’s daughter Oh no despacito 
Another country  Champagne promise 
Katchi   Nancy mulligan
 Les acadiens Missing 
 Indian sound  Don’t
 Break it back down A country high
Hoocked on country  Coming back down
 Thinkin’ country Let it swing 
Over the moon  Summer fly
Down on your uppers   Whole again
Balair  Havana cha
 Bit of irish Sweet Caroline
Found Seeing blind 
It takes all kinds  Wild card 18
K is for kicks  Stumbling in
Baby blue Raining glitter
A little bit lit Jungle freak
Save me tonight  
Jungle freak  


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